Size Update

Dear Friends,

We have received some suggestions regarding the size of our shoes and in order to make your shoes fit better, we are updating our shop size chart on 30th June as follows

Old size chart:

In the old size chart,we ship shoes in CN sizes, all shoes marked on the sole are CN sizes, EU sizes and CN sizes are not the same.
36 EU Size=35 CN Size
37 EU Size=36 CN Size
38 EU Size=37 CN size

For Example:
If you buy a 37 EU size shoes, you will receive a size 36 CN size shoes, please don't worry, the size is correct!

New size chart:

In the new size chart, we have unified EU sizes with CN sizes so you won't get confused!
For Example:
36 EU Size=36 CN Size
37 EU Size=37 CN Size

If you have any further questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us